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Introducing the Folk Plays of England. 2nd edition.
all the basic questions.
So You Want To Start Mumming? Options, Pitfalls and Suggestions. 2nd edition
Constructing a Hobby Animal. Mainly for Morris Dancers.
2nd edition.   Options and suggestions.


Starting Up with Coventry Mummers: The early years from 1966

Paper read at the Symposium at the 2nd International Mummers’ Unconvention, Bath. (Nov 2012) Published by Steve Rowley. (2013) Pt.2. pp.99-106.
ABSTRACT:  Ron Shuttleworth conceived and founded Coventry Mummers in 1966 and has been a member ever since, with responsibility for the organisation, scripts, costumes and properties. As far as Ron knows, Coventry Mummers were the first revival team to exist solely for purposes of Mumming, with a fixed membership and regular meetings throughout the year. Ron will share his reminiscences and observations.

Distortion. Mis-hearing, Transplants and Rationalisation: Insights into some causes of textual differences in mummers’ plays

Paper read at the Stroud International Mummers’ Festival Symposium 2016
ABSTRACT:  Anyone who has read through a number of collected traditional texts soon becomes aware that there are words and lines that make no sense whatsoever and I thought that it would be instructive to have a light-hearted look at some examples where the reasons for this can be unravelled.

Mumming is playing, not acting: What is the difference and why is this important in gaining the public’s trust?

Read at the Symposium of the Mummers’ Unconvention, Gloucester. (Dec.2013)  with later updates.

ABSTRACT. In the public mind, an actor is trying to convince them that he is other than himself. In a theatre they are prepared to be ‘fooled’ but there are many other people in life who are trying to do the same thing – politicians, salesmen etc. – of whom they are rightly suspicious. That mummers are patently not acting may help to explain why, when we invade public space, we are often accorded far more sympathetic attention than we probably deserve. In aiming for more convincing characterisation.
Is this something we could be in danger of losing?