Welcome to the Home of the Ron Shuttleworth Collection/Archive on everything connected with Folk Plays and Mumming. Specifically including Mummers’ plays, Pace-Egg plays, Souling Plays, Plough or Wooing plays, Derby Tup plays and Hobby horse plays and all aspects of English language Folk Drama.

N.B. If you have visited this site looking for R.S. the lyric-writer and occasional (folk)singer, it’s me wearing my other hat. Contact details work.

Photo courtesy of Marco Camarotti. What the Hell is a Mummers’ Play?, Article published in Brazil in Portuugese

This site gives access to a unique and exhaustive   resource on the English language Mumming play and related traditions.

The archive includes – a paper based collection housed in the Special Collections Dept. of the University of Sheffield and a more extensive digital version administered from Coventry, England; also a database of material written about mumming, the complete texts of booklets written by the Archivist; and more…

Broad categories include-
Hero-Combat. Wooing Plays, Longsword Plays.
Derby Tup, Hobby Horses, Robin Hood Plays,
Folk Plays & Other Arts, Miscellania plus many related items.

Serious enquirers should also consult the other two major sites on the subject-
Master Mummers and Folk Play Info.