My Booklets and Papers. [in progress – come back later]

BOOKLETS.  (Take a while to download to your computer)

Introducing the Folk Plays of England. 2nd edition

So You Want To Start Mumming… 2nd edition

Constructing a Hobby Animal. Mainly for Morris Dancers. 2nd edition


Starting Up with Coventry Mummers: The early years from 1966
Paper read at the Symposium at the 2nd International Mummers’ Unconvention, Bath. (Nov 2012) Published by Steve Rowley. (2013) Pt.2. pp.99-106

Distortion. Mis-hearing, Transplants and Rationalisation: Insights into some causes of textual differences in mummers’ plays
Paper read at the Stroud International Mummers’ Festival Symposium 2016

Mumming is not acting: What is the difference and why is this important in gaining the public’s trust?
Read at the Symposium of the Mummers’ Unconvention, Gloucester. (Dec.2013)